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Enabling nested virtualisation for your Orkestra/ESXI virtual machine


If you intend to run Orkestra IaaS virtualised under VMWare ESXI, you need to make sure that

nested virtualisation is enabled for your VM in order to pass the CPU virtualisation flags directly

through to the KVM hypervisor in Orkestra IaaS. Ideally, you should perform this task after the

VM has been created and before it is launched.


On ESXI version 5.0 or greater, the quickest way to do this is by using the ESXI command line interface (CLI).


Using your favourite SSH client (for example PuTTY), on the command line, list the definition (vmx) files as follows:

'find / -name *.vmx'


from the list, find the specific file for your VM.


Again, on the command line, type the following command:

'echo 'vhv.enable = "true"' >> < full path to your vmx file>'


For example:

'echo 'vhv.enable = "true"' >> /vmfs/volumes/53710244-278a6a82-8325-bc5ff4771e47/Orkestra/Ork_IaaS.vmx'


Make sure that the change was applied by printing the file to the conole using the 'cat' command:

cat /vmfs/volumes/53710244-278a6a82-8325-bc5ff4771e47/Orkestra/Ork_IaaS.vmx

and check to see if the echo 'vhv.enable = "true"' has been set.


You should now be ready to launch your VM and complete your Orkestra IaaS installation.







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