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Build a Windows image on Orkestra from an install iso using the Red Hat virtio drivers


In order to create a stock virtual machine image for Orkestra, you will need the Windows installation iso
and an iso file containing the Red Hat virtio drivers. In this example I will install Windows 7 with the
Red Hat version 1.30 drivers.

1) Copy the iso files that are needed to a working directory on the Orkestra server using SCP on Linux or
WinSCP on Windows. You will then need SSH access to the command line on the server e.g. using PuTTY.

2) Create the virtual HDD image for the installation using qemu-img on the command line. E.g.
   qemu-img create -f qcow2 w7_x86_64.qcow 16G

3) Boot the image in kvm with the iso files and necessary virtual devices attached. E.g
kvm -m 2048 -drive file=w7_x86_64.qcow,if=virtio -drive file=w7x86_64.iso,media=cdrom  -drive file=vio1p30.iso,media=cdrom  -boot d -net nic,model=virtio -net user -usbdevice tablet -nographic -vnc :4

Note that the number in the vnc option above, is the offset from port 5900 for the vnc client to attach to, it
should be higher than the amount of virtual machines currently running in Orkestra.

4) RDP into the instance from your host using a VNC client at <orkestra-ip>:590x where x is the number you specified in the vnc switch for the KVM command. TightVNC works well on Windows.

5) Continue the Windows installation as you would normally on bare-metal but note that you will have to browse to the second CD-ROM to locate the virtio scsi and virtio ethernet drivers so that Windows can see the virtual HDD and ethernet ports.

6) Copy the contents of the driver CD to a directory on the HDD. This can be useful for instance if you ever need the drivers in the future for any hypervisor changes etc. they will be locally available to the image.

7) When the installation is complete, you can just upload it to Glance from the command line and it will be available to Orkestra.

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